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For whatever reason, the time has come for you and your bike or bike accessory to part ways. Selling your bike or bike accessory online through BikeExchange UK is affordable and easy. But how quickly you sell the bike, and for what price, really depends on how you go about promoting it. We share with you some advice and tips on how to sell your bicycle online.

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Get your bicycle ready for sale

Nobody is going to be interested in a bike that looks like it's on its last wheels or appears to have been neglected most of its life. Consider taking your bike to your local bike store for a once-over so you have peace of mind that you're selling a quality item. At the very least wash your bike thoroughly and make it look great for its photo shoot.

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Photographing your bike

Think about a bike shop front window and how it would set up or style your bike in order to sell it. The photographs you upload as part of your ad listing should follow the same principles.

Aim to photograph your bike in a plain setting. If you can opt for a white background, perfect. If not keep it as simple and 'clean' as possible. Don't go for photos that show a cluttered background as they can be distracting and influence someone's perception of the bike without them even knowing it.

If you just can't find a clean background then go for an emotive one instead - think about selling the bike lifestyle or experience as much as the bike itself. Rides along the beach at sunset, anyone? Spinning down the laneways like a cool cat?

Take photos like a social media pro: get the tips here

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Cover plenty of angles and detail

In the majority of cases, the more someone can see of your bike, the better. Aim for a 'hero' shot of the full bike, but then ideally drop in some detailed shots that give people close-ups and reassure them of quality etc. These close-ups might include the groupset, the wheels, the brakes, the paintwork, etc. If there are some key selling points about your bike then ensure there is a photograph to help support your case.

Get descriptive

You will need to cover off the main features of your bike - eg brand, model, year, colour, etc. But you should also include some succinct information about what is great about this bike, what makes it stand-out or what has consistently impressed you etc. If you think the reason you're selling the bike could be of interest or reassurance to the prospective buyer (eg "I'm moving overseas and won't be able to take my bike with me") then do include this as well.

Take this advice on board and all the best selling your bike on BikeExchange UK - we're sure it won't take long at all!

Ready to roll? Sell your bike here on BikeExchange.

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