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How to Buy + Sell a Quality Pre-Loved Bike, Not a Lemon

April 24, 2018
How to Buy + Sell a Quality Pre-Loved Bike, Not a Lemon

EXACT cycle is a new business that changes the way second-hand bikes are bought and sold online. They provide Quality Assurance Certificates via a growing network of UK-wide cycle retailers that detail a bicycle's condition.

We caught up with EXACT cycle founder Harry King who talked to us about how the concept was born, and how EXACT cycle is making it safer to buy and sell bikes online.


The idea for EXACT cycle came about whilst I was managing a bike shop in my local town. I was trying to reduce the size of my bike collection by selling some of my old bikes online. As I worked in a bike shop, I knew they all worked perfectly. However, I couldn’t seem to get this message across to the people who were buying the bikes. With over 2-million bikes sold online every year in the UK, it is hard to make your bike stand out.

This was when I thought if I could sell a bike with verification of its condition from a trusted source, then I would be able to sell my bike for more, and it would stand out from other similar bikes. I started to talk to cyclists and quickly realised they had the same problem, and so I set about creating a way to overcome this.

With the support of some business partners we spent the following two years developing and refining our assessment software that we use to create the Quality Assurance Certificates. We spoke to a lot of cycle mechanics to make sure we got the assessment process as accurate and efficient as possible. We spoke to cyclists to fully understand what is important when buying and selling bikes.


It was really important to us that we kept it simple.

We wanted to make it easy for cyclists to get their bikes assessed and this is definitely something we have achieved. If you want to sell your bike for more and make it stand out, you can simply take your bike to your nearest assessment centre. Accredited mechanics will assess your bike and you will be emailed an electronic certificate that details the condition of your bicycle. If you're selling your bike on BikeExchange , this certificate can then be uploaded along with the pictures.


EXACT cycle has also partnered with BikeRegister, the UK’s police approved bicycle marking scheme. Bikes sold with EXACT cycle Certificates have their frame numbers passed through BikeRegister’s database, which is also used by every UK police force.

EXACT cycle is changing the way second-hand bikes are bought and sold online. We are continually growing our network of assessment centres across the country, working closely with them to deliver excellent service to customers. We will also be talking to as many cyclists as possible to make them aware of this great new way to buy and sell used bicycles.”

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