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A Cycling Challenge Event Like no Other!

March 15, 2018
A Cycling Challenge Event Like no Other!

How would you like to take part in a cycling challenge like no other? A new unique event is heading to the Rockingham Circuit this Autumn which will not only test participants' strength, stamina and speed, but also their ability to work with their teams to plan and execute a winning strategy.

Golazo Cycling, organiser of the Tour of Cambridgeshire Cycling Festival, has teamed up with the Northamptonshire venue to create an exciting challenge which is a fusion of Six Day Thrillers and legendary Bordeaux-Paris races, for amateurs.

The Rockingham 8HR Moto-Pace Challenge on October 7 will see teams of up to six riders compete in five grueling events to secure their place on the top of the winners’ podium as the overall victors or industry classes.

The specific events, which will be held over an eight-hour period are:

Individual Time Trial (500m) – everyone for themselves against the clock

Team Time Trial (three laps) – six riders in perfect harmony

Flying 2-Up Sprint (200m) - moto-paced up to top speed then sprint

Individual Moto-pace (one lap) – maximum solo effort at one with the moto-pacer

Team Moto-pace (2hrs) – strategy, strength and speed

Head of Sales & Marketing at Rockingham, Michael Galjaardt, believes the event is a superb complement to the motorsport calendar at the circuit and the challenge is like nothing else on the planet.

Michael said: “Being a cycling fan and looking for new events to stage at the venue I see the Rockingham 8HR Moto-pace Challenge appealing to those cyclists who want something different to going further and further.

“In working with Golazo Cycling to shape the event and having conducted marketing testing we know we have a concept which is highly attractive to the right audience. We believe this will appeal to the corporate and charity market where participants will be enthusiastic competitive amateurs who have experience of riding bikes safely.”

Malcolm Smith, Managing Director of Golazo Cycling is also a keen cyclist and speaks passionately about the heritage of cycle sport. He added: “Doing something which brings together two hugely important aspects of bike racing heritage into one single challenge and to offer it to aspirational riders is one of those innovations which don’t come along very often. We seized the opportunity and Rockingham is the perfect partner for making it happen.”

Read about multinational age group champion Don Perry and why he's so intent to deliver a hat-trick at the Tour of Cambridgeshire.

The Rockingham 8HR Moto-pace challenge takes place on both the UK’s only banked Oval and National Circuits, both offering different challenges to riders. The iconic 1.5-mile Oval holds the prestigious honour of being Europe’s fastest racing circuit, while the 1.94-mile National circuit provides a more technical challenge to riders.

Each team will be allocated an experienced moto-pacer and coach as well as their private pit garage, which will be kitted out as fully serviced VIP suite for recovery and planning. A live general classification leader board will be maintained throughout the event so teams can keep an eye on their progress, and of course the opposition.

Participant organisations will be invited to express interest from 30th March.

Charity Proposition

The Rockingham 8HR Moto-Pace Challenge is offering 3 team entries on special terms. Interested charity groups should make themselves known when pre-registering. These terms will be issued on a first come first served basis.

More details are available on the Rockingham website


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