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  1. Create an account.
  2. List as many products as you like for sale.
  3. Shoppers will buy your products instore, online or click & collect. Shoppers can also enquire about your product by email or phone.
  4. Contact us about costings and how to get started.


"BikeExchange has more potential than you can shake a stick at. Brands and shops need to get on board. It's a great platform and after only three weeks has paid for itself for the next year!"
- Hoops Velo (UK)

“Bike Exchange has been a great addition to our business since we signed up with them last year. It has generated many sales and leads since day one. We now have an easy to use e-commerce store on our own website which has been a great success. The Bike Exchange team have been really helpful getting products up online and with any other queries we had whilst transferring from our existing non e-commerce website to our new one. They are also open to listening to our particular needs and making changes where we felt there may be a better way of doing something.”
- The Bikerack (IE)

“Working with the Bike Exchange team has been a pleasure. Easy to deal with and always obliging, uploading products to the website is hassle free and with complete access to your account 24/7, easily accessible no matter where you are. In this digital era of online searching and shopping, being a member of the Bike Exchange community allows us to market our products to a large network of potential customers'.
- Buckley Cycles (IE)

“We heard about BikeExchange through a mate in the industry, and did a bit of looking into it. They then called me, as it turned out. I weighed out the cost of building my own online shop but also having to market it. With BikeExchange, the footfall is already there. It's a simplistic form of getting your shop online (and is cheaper than building your own site), and they've already done the hard work. All you have to do is submit your content and press play. By the time things have progressed, you've built up your own legacy in the marketplace that you know is then going to reward you.”
- MBW Bike Shop (IE)

"We got on board with BikeExchange in the very early days – we were willing to give them a go and take the journey with them. We made a smart decision – that journey has resulted in consistently strong e-commerce sales every month. Through BikeExchange we’ve benefited from their SEO and online savvy; we leave all that to the experts so we can just do what we do best, which is looking after our customers."
- Cecil Walker Bikes (Aus)


Do I have to have a physical store presence?

Yes, you must have a physical store.

Can I advertise products that aren't in-store?

To ensure a fair and level playing field in the marketplace, retailers are only allowed to advertise what can be found on their shop floor in real time.

Do I have to sell online?

In short, no, but you should consider doing so. We make it simple for our retailers to just advertise the stock they sell so that customers can make enquiries. However, enabling click + collect or ecommerce does broaden your appeal to a wider customer base, so we certainly encourage you to do so.

Would like some more information?

Please contact our friendly customer service team Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm on +44 20 7784 6453 or email us.

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