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With over twelve years’ experience in the e-bike industry, the team at Wisper Electric Bikes continues to push the boundaries using state of the art battery and drive technology.

Wisper’s latest e-bike range has something for everyone – especially those looking for unrivalled value for money.

Every e-bike in the Wisper range comes with a ten-year frame warranty and two-year parts and battery warranty – providing you with complete peace of mind.

Why choose an e-bike?

Maybe you need to commute to work a lot faster than it would take you on a traditional bike; or maybe you've some injuries that would be better managed cycling on an e-bike, thus allowing you still to get plenty of exercise? Whatever your motivation or reason, e-bikes are a sensational solution.

Who should buy an e-bike?

E-bikes can be ridden and enjoyed by all walks of life and have wildly differing motivations for purchasing an e-bike. Whether you want to ditch the car because you want a greener form of transport, or to be able to cycle longer distances and enjoy your surroundings then a Wisper bike can definitely meet your needs.

City E-Bikes

Whether you’re looking for a bike to commute to work, ride around town, get fit and healthy or simply to enjoy the countryside, then Wisper has an electric city bike for you.

Mountain E-Bikes

The Wisper eMTB range was launched in September 2017 at the UK Cycle Show. Over 300 people test rode the bikes, the vast majority proclaiming the Wisper Wildcat Carbon the best eMTB they had ever ridden.

Available in the Spring of 2018, the new range of four high end eMTBs will all feature the superb Shimano Steps E8000 mountain bike drive system. Specifically designed by Shimano for high performance eMTB use, the E8000 is part of the Deore XT group set, recognised as the very best in eMTB power delivery.

The Wisper E-Bike Technology

Batteries: Wisper ebikes come with the choice of two batteries that fit all models without the need for any changes or adjustments to the bikes or batteries.

Battery Option 1: Standard 375Wh lithium battery has a range of up to 50 miles and takes 2.5 – 5 hours to charge.

Battery Option 2: Long range 575Wh cutting edge Samsung battery with deep sleep mode, has a range of up to 75 miles and takes 2 – 4 hours to charge.

Controller: The controllers found on both Wisper ranges run on our own patented software. We have developed the software to offer the most natural of riding experiences.

Motor: Both Wisper SE and Wisper Torque bikes are driven by the latest brushless motors made by one of the largest ebike motor manufacturers in the world.

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