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Our massive Christmas raffle has ended. Winners will be announced shortly.

The best gifts are the ones you do not expect. Sign up and, if you're lucky, you could win one of many top prizes from some of our top brands: Cannondale, Trek, Storck or Supernova. The entry deadline is 10.01.2020.

TREK Bicycle Co – Loved by riders all over the world

TREK is a veteran of the bicycle world offering high quality bikes and equipment at a great price-performance ratio. With a vast model range that has been proven by both amateur riders and top riders on the world stage, many dealers swear by the brand from Wisconsin, USA and offer a wide choice of Trek models on BikeExchange. TREK bikes are ridden by millions of people in more than 100 countries around the world, demonstrating that the joy and excitement felt on a bike is a passion shared globally.

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TREK News 2020

Trek has plenty of highlights for the 2020 season: Brand-new MTB and E-MTB models are debuted as well as a totally revised range of road bikes ... ...

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The Trek Roscoe in detail

The Roscoe 7 is a hardtail with plus size tires for those who are looking for a lively bike and a lot of fun on the trail ...

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TREK Bikes

Find the best deals from our many Trek bicycle retailers across the UK here

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A trail bike with the fun factor

With plus size tyres it's a little more plush for that extra rush! - Win the new Trek Roscoe hardtail.

TREK Roscoe 7 2020
Worth £950.00

Whether you're a beginner or a pro, if you're on the Roscoe 7, you're guaranteed to enjoy it - regardless of your skill level. It's designed for confidence inspiring handling and durability, so you can concentrate fully on the trail ahead of you.

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Cannondale – Innovation with passion.

Cannondale has always been at the forefront of innovation in the bicycle industry. However this is not just change for change's sake but a desire to build the best, most innovative, and daring products, underpinned by a passion to deliver the best possible riding experience.

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New 2020 Cannondale SuperSix Evo

One of the most revered and celebrated racing orientated road bikes in the world has had a long-awaited update, bringing with it a host of new features, technology and fanfare ...

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The CANVAS NEO 2 in detail

A stylish, stable e-bike for the city. Made for skiping by the traffic jam ...

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Cannondale Bikes

Find the best deals from our many Cannondale dealers across the UK here

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Urban E-Mobility with style

The new Cannondale Canvas Neo - put some class in your commute.

Cannondale CANVAS NEO 2
Worth £2,999.99

A stylish, reliable urban e-bike for the city. Thanks to its upright yet sporty seating position and wide, grippy, pothole-eating tires, all you have to do is sit back anf enjoy your ride.

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Storck – German Engineering

Storck Bicycle isn't just a designer but a manufacturer. At Storck expertly trained employees assemble the entire bike in-house to produce the highest quality German engineered racing bicycles. This distinguishes every Storck from products of the large-scale manufacturers built on soulless production lines. Therefore by choosing a Storck bicycle, you also choose your own individuality.

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The Storck Aerfast in detail

The Aerfast is made with the highest quality carbon fiber, features the specially constructed Aerfast fork and a variety of sophisticated frame features ...

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10 reasons to choose Storck

Storck's engineering and design developments have always set milestones and benchmarks for the cycling industry. Countless race victories confirm this impressive reputation ...

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All Storck Products

Check out the entire the Storck bicycle range.

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The fastest Storck frame

Storck Aerfast – aerodynamic, ligh and comfortable all at the same time.

1 x  Storck AERFAST COMP G2 Frameset worth £1999

The Aerfast Comp follows the same design approaches as the Aerfast Platinum and the Aerfast Pro. With it's signature Aerfast fork, rear brake positioned behind the bottom bracket, the adjustable rear dropouts, to the seat tube and the consistent "sectional aerodynamic shaping" design, the Aerfast Comp offers everything ambitious intermediate riders could wish for.

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Supernova – Lighting Innovation

Our motivation is to inspire people with outstanding product design, superior quality and longevity for cycling while making their mobility even safer. Cycling is the most efficient, economical and environmentally friendly means of transport available. Cycling is a way of life for us. We are proud to be a small part of the great movement that seeks to preserve our precious planet not only for ourselves but for generations to come.

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M99 Mini Pro B54 in detail

The M99 MINI PROB54 with 54Wh battery is the world's brightest StVZO-approved cordless headlamp with dipped and high beam. With superfast recharge, in just 2.5 hours, the battery is charged ...

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M99 Mini Pro 25 in detail

The M99 MINI PRO packs the same far-reaching and enormously wide light of it's big brother in an incredibly compact housing. Discover all e-bike lights by Supernova ...

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E3 Pro 2 in detail

The E3 Pro 2 produces bright carpet of light on the road even at very low speeds. Discover the full Dynamo lighting range from Supernova ...

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Let there be light

The Best Lighting for Your Bike - Win the following top models from Supernova

3 x  Supernova light systems
totalling £899

  • M99 Mini Pro B54
    Battery lighting  |  Worth £499
  • M99 Mini Pro 25
    E-Bike lighting  |  Worth £249
  • E3 Pro 2 Headlight
    Dynamo lighting  |  Worth £150
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SUUNTO – Built to last

Improve your training with Suunto. Record your rides, analyze your effort, track your progress, communicate with other cycling enthusiasts, and find the best cycling routes.

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The SUUNTO 9 Baro in detail

Durable, optimized multisport GPS watch with class leading battery life and barometric altimeter ...

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With the Suunto App you stay up to date with life, with sports or with cycling ...

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All SUUNTO Products

Versatile, durable sports watches for running, cycling, swimming and all outdoor sports ...

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The best training partner

Take the pressure out of your training - The Suunto 9 BARO Multisport watch.

2 x  SUUNTO 9 BARO Lime
worth £499.00

The Suunto 9 is a multisport GPS watch for athletes who demand the most from their sports watch. The smart battery life management system with intelligent reminders keeps your watch functioning as long as you need it. The rugged Suunto 9 is designed for long, hard training, racing and extreme adventures.

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Julbo – Sunglasses since 1888

Discover the extensive collection of Julbo sunglasses to accompany you during sports and everyday life. The right sunglasses and glasses for every sport. To protect your eyes from UV radiation (UV-A, UV-B and UV-C) at any time, Julbo offers a wide range of self-tinting Reactiv lenses, polarizing lenses and standard lenses.

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The Julbo Aerospeed in detail

The Aerospeed is the perfect eyewear for passionate endurance athletes, triathletes, cyclists and runners who need perfect visibility even at high speeds ...

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The Julbo Rush in detail

The RUSH is an uncompromising top performer and is ideal for cycling and all other sports where speed and endurance are important ...

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All Julbo bicycle eyewear

The right sunglasses for every sport: Discover the current Julbo collection ...

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See and be seen

High-performance cycling glasses with self-tinting Reactiv glasses from Julbo

7 x  Julbo Sunglasses

  • Julbo AEROSPEED  |  Worth £155
  • Julbo AERO  |  Worth £155
  • Julbo AEROLITE  |  Worth £155
  • Julbo RUSH  |  Worth £175
  • Julbo STREAM  |  Worth £140
  • Julbo OUTLINE  |  Worth £140
  • Julbo RENEGADE  |  Worth £130
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