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About Bianchi Bikes

Bianchi is one of the most famous names in cycling, not least because it is the oldest bicycle manufacturing company that still makes bikes today. Right from the beginning of the company, it revolutionised cycling. Over the next 130-plus years it continued to make advances in cycling technology, experienced significant competitive cycling success, made motorbikes, and was involved for a time in the manufacture of cars.

The company was started in 1885 by Edoardo Bianchi. He was only 21 years old, but he saw an opportunity, so he opened a shop in Milan which made and sold bikes. At that time the bikes that were available were the penny-farthing variety - bikes with huge front wheels, tiny rear wheels, and pedals that directly turned the front wheel. Bianchi changed this, eventually introducing the world to a bicycle whose front and rear wheels had the same diametre. He was also the first to use a bike chain, and the first to produce a bicycle with tyres, a new invention back in 1888.

Bianchi started to make motorbikes in 1897 (which continued until the mid-1960s), and got involved in the sport of cycling in 1899.

Throughout the next decades Bianchi continued to advance bike manufacturing technology, and continued to see significant success in all the major cycling disciplines, including the three grand tours. One of the most famous riders in historey was associated with Bianchi bikes - Fausto Coppi. He won multiple grand tours and world championships on Bianchi bikes.

The car manufacturing period began in 1955 in a joint venture with Fiat and Pirelli. It was called Autobianchi and lasted until 1969, when the venture was sold to Fiat.

Bianchi now focuses on what it does best: manufacturing some of the highest quality bikes in the world. It is still heavily involved in the sport of cycling through its sponsorship of a number of teams. Today it is owned by the Swedish company Grimaldi Industri AB, but its base remains in Milan in Italy.

Range Of Bianchi Bikes

Throughout its historey Bianchi has been involved in producing road bikes for professional racing, amateur racers, and casual riders. This remains one of its most important product lines, with its road bikes split into a number of different categories:

Extreme racing – top-of-the-range, professional grade bikes

• Race ready - pro-level performance, good looks, and high specifications, but with a lower price tag

Endurance racing - bikes with a longer wheel base, more upright riding position, and other features designed for long-distance riding

Triathlon/TT - built for pure speed

All-road - traditional range of attractive road bikes

Bianchi doesn't just make road bikes, though. It also has a highly respected range of mountain bikes, cyclocross bikes, track bikes, and city bikes.

Bianchi Bikes Sponsorship

Bianchi has been involved in the sport of cycling for over 100 years. Today it supplies equipment to Team Lotto.NL-Jumbo, a grand tour riding professional team. It also supports Team Inpa Sottoli Bianchi Giusfredi, a professional women's team, as well as Team Bianchi, a mountain bike team. Individual triathletes also receive support from Bianchi.

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