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Boardman Cycling products


Chris Boardman will forever be known as the Englishman who pushed his body and bike to beyond what anyone thought was possible, and in doing so dropped the Hour Record down to an astounding 56.375km.

This was just one of numerous highlights during his sterling career as a professional cyclist, which spanned victories at the Olympics, World and Tour de France stage and yellow jerseys.

Chris Boardman and cycling go hand-in-hand. So it was little surprise that in 2007 Boardman was launched, a series of bikes that captured and personified the great Chris Boardman’s passion and performance in the world of cycling.

Like the man himself, the Boardman brand just keeps going from strength to strength. In 2015 the business was acquired by Halfords, following which Elite and Performance level bikes, parts and accessories have joined the stable of Boardman products.

Boardman Bikes

The Boardman range of bikes includes Aerodynamic Road bikes, Super-Light Road bikes, Women’s bikes, Cyclocross bikes, Track bikes, Mountain bikes and Hybrid bikes.

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