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About Cannondale

Cannondale is a company that started out to manufacture outdoors gear, but it quickly moved into the world of cycling. Today it is one of the most respected brands in the industry. It has achieved this success through its commitment to producing high quality bikes and components, the innovations that it has developed, and the success that it has had in professional competition. Today Cannondale bikes can be seen at the world's most prestigious mountain bike events, at all three Grand Tours, and on roads all over the world ridden by casual but enthusiastic cyclists.

Cannondale's headquarters is in Connecticut in the USA. It used to manufacture its bikes in America but this production has been moved to Asia. The name Cannondale was taken from the name of the train station in the town of Wiltonne, which was across the road from the company's first offices.

The company was founded in 1971 and its first major product with wheels wasn't even a bike - it was a bike trailer for carrying children called the Bugger. It was a huge success, and helped the company to expand further.

Its first breakthrough in bicycle manufacture came in 1983 when it produced a touring bicycle with an oversized, light-weight aluminium frame. Other bike manufacturers followed this lead, although Cannondale continues to specialise in the production of bikes using both aluminium and carbon fibre.

Other innovations from Cannondale's include the Super V, which was released in 1993. This V-shaped mountain bike design has won awards, and has been copied by other bike makers ever since.

Cannondale got heavily involved in the sport of cycling in the mid-to-late 1990s, and has had multiple successes in both mountain bike and road racing disciplines. This has increased its popularity. From a business perspective the company has had its difficulties, but today it is owned by the Canadian firm Dorel Industries, and remains one of the most respected names in the industry.

Range of Cannondale Bikes

Road bikes - for casual and competition riders alike

Mountain bikes - this is a key style of bike for Cannondale with it leading the way in many respects

Fitness - for the more casual rider

Urban- for city riding and commuting

E-Bikes - power-assisted bikes

Women's bikes - specially designed bikes in a range of styles

Kids - race, street and trail bikes for children

In addition to bikes Cannondale also produces a range of cycling equipment and accessories. This includes high performance bike equipment and components. It also includes helmets, men's apparel, and women's apparel.

Cannondale Sponsorship

Cannondale first started sponsoring professional mountain bike teams in 1994 when it launched one of the most successful teams in historey - the Volvo Cannondale team. Today its mountain bike teams are Cannondale Factory Racing, Cannondale Overmountain, and Stans Notubes.

Its involvement in road racing began in 1997 when it became the first US bike manufacturer to sponsor a professional European team. Today its sponsorships include the Cannondale-Garmin Pro Cycling team, and Team 3M.

Finally, Cannondale is also involved in cyclocross through its sponsorship of the Cannondale P/B team.

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