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Cervelo Cycling products


About Cervelo Bikes

Cervelo is a Canadian manufacturer of high performance bikes. It boasts that it has more engineers than bike models, a fact that demonstrates its focus on squeezing out every last fraction of performance from each frame and component that it creates. It is a bike manufacturer that puts engineering at the core of everything that it does.

The company was founded in 1995 by engineers Phil White and Gerard Vroomen, both of whom had experience in the bike manufacturing industry. They initially set out to develop a time trial bike that was faster than anything else on the market.

It was a bumpy start, though. The first bike was produced at the request of world champion cyclist Gianni Bugno. He wanted the two Cervelo engineers to make the world's fastest time trial bike, which they did. His sponsors didn't like the design, however, so it was never raced.

For Cervelo, it was back to the drawing board, but they soon developed a new style that would be more appealing to the commercial side of cycling, while still delivering the best possible levels of performance. Their first two bikes were launched at the Toronto Bike Show in 1996. Within a few short years, cyclists riding Cervelo bikes were winning competitions, and the company went from strength to strength.

Their focus remains on producing bikes that perform exceptionally well aerodynamically, while also being light, stiff, comfortable, and easy to handle. They support a number of professional cyclists in a range of disciplines by providing equipment and other support, and they continue to innovate and push the boundaries of the performance bike-making industry.

Today the company is owned by the Pon Bicycle Group.

Range Of Cervelo Bikes

Many of Cervelo's bikes come out of an initiative called Project California. It is here that the limits of bicycle engineering are pushed beyond what was thought possible in order to squeeze a few more seconds of performance with every innovation. Project California demonstrates Cervelo's commitment to an engineering-first philosophy.

The company has just four models of bikes, which is much fewer than many of their competitors. The models are:

R Series - lightweight road bikes that are strong, stiff, and comfortable to ride

S Series - another range of road bikes with exceptional aerodynamic capabilities

• P Series - Cervelo's triathlon and TT bikes – these bikes have won more professional races than any of their competitors

• T Series - Cervelo's range of track bikes

Cervelo Bikes Sponsorship

Cervelo is involved with a number of cycling teams and individual athletes, providing support, equipment and sponsorship. These partnerships also feed back into the research and development process of the company, with the athletes contributing to the next evolution of bikes through their feedback and experience of practical use.

Cervelo supports athletes in road cycling, track cycling, and triathlon. This includes one of the newest road cycling teams to compete in the grand tours, MTN-Qhubeka. It is also the first African-based team to see success in the big European races.

Other athletes whom Cervelo supports include Caroline Steffen and Rachel Joyce, who both compete in Ironman and triathlon races.

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