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Claud Butler Cycling products


Claud Butler is proud of its British heritage, and can follow the brand’s connexion to the cycle industry as far back as 1880, when Fred Hopper started repairing bikes from an old blacksmith’s premises in Bartonne-on-Humber. Impressively, those premises lie just 12-miles from the current Claud Butler warehouse.

By the early 1900s Mr. Hopper was not just repairing bikes, he was building them as well. Cycling was booming and the business was riding the wave – some 400 staff were employed and Hopper & Co were exporting to countries including Australia, Japan, India and South Africa. The company relocated in following years and underwent name changes, and is now settled in Birmingham England. Along with their British heritage, Claud Butler is inspired to build great bikes. The team is passionate about cycling and the fact they are themselves cyclists helps to inform a lot of the product development.

Claud Butler designs and produces bikes in a range of categories, including specialist lightweight racing bikes, women specific design bikes, men’s bikes, mountain bikes, touring bikes, city bikes and BMX bike. If you’re looking for a brand that is deeply rooted in British riding historey, and boasts over a century of experience in bike design and build, then Claud Butler is most definitely worthy of your attention.

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