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Electra Cycling products


About Electra Bikes

Electra is a US brand of high quality bikes for the casual cyclist, commuter, and leisure rider. They make extremely attractive bikes that are designed for comfort and practicality, rather than raw speed or off-road ability. Electra bikes are made to be enjoyed, whether they are being ridden while you’re wearing a suit on your way to work, fitness gear on a Saturday morning, or casual clothes on a Sunday afternoon.

The company was founded in California in 1993 with a simple vision in mind - to improve on the classic cruiser style of bike. They achieved this by making the bike more comfortable to ride. It looked great too, which always helps. Now, 20-plus years on, and that first Electra bike, the Cruiser, is still available for sale.

Other types of bike are now also included in what is an extensive model range. Most of them are built using Electra Bikes' patented flat foot technology. This is a bike design that has a number of advantages:

• The rider sits in a more upright position which makes the ride more comfortable • Because of the positions of the seat and the pedals, the rider's legs achieve a proper - and more comfortable - extension • The design also enables the rider to put their feet flat on the ground whenever they want to

Today Electra Bikes is owned by the Trek Bicycle Corporation, one of the biggest bike manufacturers in the world. It still remains a distinctive and highly sought-after brand in its own right, despite the might of its parent company. One thing it has done very well is appealing to non-cyclists, and getting them to try riding a high quality, good-looking bike again.

Range Of Electra Bikes

Electra makes a range of bike styles with varying gear arrangements and other features. This includes:

Townie - this was the first Electra bike to use flat foot technology, and was an instant hit because it was so easy to ride. It has a low step through, and comes in a range of different colours.

Townie Go - this bike is based on the popular Townie model, but has a battery to help you get up the hills.

Loft - the Loft is a bike that is built for commuting. It has a minimalist design with clean lines that make it an attractive choice. It is also functional because of its lightweight but sturdy frame.

Amsterdam- the Amsterdam is Electra's version of the classic European bicycle, with its comfortable riding position, large mudguards, chain guards, and wheel guards. These are bikes designed to be ridden anywhere, while wearing anything.

Ticino - this is another retro-styled bike that has been given a modern interpretation and up-to-date cycling technology.

Cruiser - the classic style, and the first bike in the Electra range.

Kid's Bikes - Electra also produces a range of high quality and stylish bikes for children.

Electra Bikes Sponsorship

Electra doesn't make bikes for racing so it is not directly involved in sponsorship. Its parent company Trek is involved, however, in a number of disciplines.

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