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For over 80 years Falcon has been associated with high quality, British bicycles. Multiple British National Road Champion and Falcon Founder Ernie Clements belonged to the revered British post-war racers who eventually became bike builders and designers. Using his racing expertise and innate knowledge of the bike, Ernie began to design and build high-end frames that attracted plenty of attention.

The original and classic Falcon finish is in a powder blue colour with either a red or white head tube and the name Falcon in large font. Along with a smart gold and red shield head badge, those original Falcons came with a rear stay decal reading “designed by Ernie Clements”. In the early 1970s Falcon was fortunate enough to produce Merckx Moulteni, an Eddie Merckx line of bikes designed by Ernie but given the seal of approval by the great rider himself. This was succeeded a few years later with the Merckz Super Competition bike, which was purported to be of a far more superior quality to the first collabourative output.

In the late 1970s Falcon was bought by Elswick-Hopper and became known as Elswick-Falcon before Townsend purchased the whole entity in the early 1990s

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