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About Fuji

Fuji is one of the oldest bike brands in the world. They have been manufacturing and selling bicycles for over 100 years. The company has had its ups and downs, but today it has solid ownership through the American company Advanced Sports International and retains its position as one of the foremost manufacturers of bikes in the world. Fuji is involved in the sport of cycling at all levels and continues to lead innovation in the industry. Additionally, the range of bikes that it produces spans all ability levels and styles of riding.

The company was founded in 1899 in Japan, taking its name from the imposing Mount Fuji. The mountain is a Japanese symbol of strength and resilience, so Fuji currently uses the strapline "conquer your mountain".

Fuji quickly dominated the bicycle market in Japan, becoming the most popular bike brand in Japan by 1920. Over subsequent decades, the company expanded into other Asian countries and got involved in the sport of cycling where they enjoyed considerable success.

Sales to America started in the 1950s. Although the bikes were made by Fuji, they were sold under different brands names. It wasn't until the 1970s that Fuji really started to take off in America, becoming a leading brand and taking huge market share from the European branded bicycles that dominated at that time. Fuji offered the same quality and levels of performance as these brands but at a lower price.

This success was hampered when the company failed to capitalise on the [mountain bike] boom of the 1980s. It went bankrupt but was revived by Advanced Sports International. Today it’s back to its best, producing a wide range of bikes that are focused on performance and technological innovation.

Range of Fuji Bikes

Fuji makes bikes in three broad categories: road, mountain, and lifestyle. Within each category there is a wide range of options to suit riders of all styles and abilities. This includes the casual rider and people who cycle to keep fit up to professional cyclists who need ultimate levels of performance and speed.

The road category of Fuji bikes is one of the biggest. It includes top performing competition-grade bikes as well as endurance bikes, triathlon bikes, cyclocross bikes, and track bikes. The bikes can be bought complete, but you can also buy frame-only versions of some of the models.

There are road bike options for both men and women as well as a couple of models for children.

In the mountain bike category, Fuji produces cross country, trail, all-mountain, and sport bikes with options for men, women, and children. There is also a range called the Police Series, which are designed for practical applications.

The lifestyle category has bikes designed for fitness as well as cross terrain bikes, recreation bikes, urban bikes, and cruisers.

Fuji Sponsorship

Fuji is involved in the sport of cycling and sponsors a number of teams and individual riders, including the professional men's world tour team Caja Rural-Seguros RGA and Team TIBCO-SVB, a US professional women's team.

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