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Mavic Cycling products


Mavic Cycling Products

What hasn’t Mavic done? Throughout its long historey as a producer of cycling products, French Company Mavic has explored almost every possible corner of the industry creating some of the most successful products, and innovating in ways that have led to countless imitators since.

In 1889, brothers Charles Idoux and Lucien Chanel began a company manufacturing and selling spare parts for bicycles. The company would later be named Mavic (Manufacture d’Articles Vélocipédiques Idoux et Chanel), and the brothers would come to be known in particular for their high quality wheel manufacturing.

Mavic Innovation

Throughout the 20th century Mavic would constantly seek to challenge what bicycle parts and components were capable of. Big sky thinkers, Mavic sought to create new and exciting technologies that would give professional and recreational riders the edge over the competition, or simply a more enjoyable time on the bike.

In the early seventies, the first real tests were being performed surrounding the effect that aerodynamics has on the performance of bicycle technologies. Mavic developed one of the first aero track wheels which, while it was illegal, led to leaps and bounds in the development of aerodynamic wheel technologies.

Over the years, Mavic has had a close relationship with the Tour de France. Mavic’s ‘neutral assistance’ model for providing cyclists with assistance regardless of their team affiliation changed the way races were run.

In 1975, Mavic produced the first ever fully sealed bottom bracket they called the 600 RD and revolutionised the bicycle hub creating the first adjustable-removable hub, the 500 RD.

What hasn’t Mavic done? Well they have built planes… While the venture didn’t really (cough) take off, a Mavic Cessna provided radio contact over races until ’86.

Plus, Greg Lemond famously championed Laurent Fignon in the 1989 Tour de France riding a bike running Mavic wheels.

It might surprise some to learn that Mavic produced the world’s first electronic groupset, resembling the kind you see today…and this was back in 1992. The product never reached its full potential but surely inspired cycling component manufacturers to have a go at designing something similar themselves.

Today, Mavic produces their own range of tyres that are designed to work in perfect conjunction with their lightweight alloy and carbon fibre rim sets.

Mavic Product Range

The rapid growth in popularity of BMX and mountain biking encouraged Mavic to widen their scope, creating a line of products that could cope with the rigours and dirt of off-road riding.

They continue to make products to this day suited to all styles of riding. Whether you are a competitive road cyclist, an avid commuter, a BMX freestyle rider, or just getting into the sport of cycling, Mavic has a range of products to suit your style of riding and your individual sense of style.

In addition to wheels, it supplies tyres and rims plus other cycling products:

  • Parts - pedals
  • Gear - helmets and footwear
  • Apparel - for men and women, including jackets, jerseys, bottoms, base layers, and casual clothing
  • Accessories - gloves, leg warmers, sleeves, headwear, booties, socks, and hydration packs
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