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Moda Cycling products


Moda bikes were first released in 2009, offering a select range of 10 bikes. Based in Derbyshire, United Kingdom, Moda's core values are based around a high-quality bike that is designed, tested and assembled in the UK.

Since their launch, Moda has quickly become one of the biggest bike brands in the UK, and they still maintain this core value that helped shape them right from the very beginning. All Moda bikes continue to be tested in the UK. They're also designed and assembled by the same passionate cyclists and their range continues to expand their range year-on-year.

By assembling all bikes in the UK, Moda are also able to offer a quick turnaround and affordable custom build or 'dream build' option on any one of their bike frames. They recommended to visit any of their local retailers spread across the UK to learn more.

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