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Pinarello Cycling products


Pinarello historey

Giovanni ‘Nani’ Pinarello is the man who will be forever responsible for this brand, straight from Italian cycling royalty. Giovanni decided to pursue a career in cycling during the 1920s, and immediately began to tally up wins including “la Popolarissima” in Treviso. In 1951 Giovanni came last in the 34th Giro d’Italia. A year later and Giovanni is ready to race in the Giro once more, but he is asked instead to give his sport to Pasqualino Fornara. For his sacrifice he is offered 100,000 pounds by the team. He uses this significant lump sum to open a small bike shop in Treviso… And Cucli Pinarello is born!

By the late 1980s Giovanni’s son Fausto joins the business, and its scale grows considerably. Add to this a Tour de France victory in 1988, and Pinarello really begins to take off.

Pinarello bikes

Some of the instantly-recognised bikes within the Pinarello stable include Pinarello Dogma (road and mountain bike), Pinarello Prince (road), Pinarello Graal (triathlon) and Pinarello Hydro (Cyclocross).

Team Sky

Pinarello is of course the bike sponsor to Britain’s incredible Team Sky.

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