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Specialized Bikes


Specialized Bikes

The team at Specialized Bikes consists of fellow riders who use their firsthand experiences to create the best bikes. The Specialized product line includes some of the most innovative road, mountain, BMX, multiuse, electric and kids’ bikes on the market today.

As a BikeExchange buyer, you don’t have to search anywhere else for the best selection of Specialized bikes for sale. We offer the most efficient way of bringing bike retailers and buyers together.

What It Means to Be Specialized

Morgan Hill, California is the backdrop for a team of bike enthusiasts whose passion for the sport traces its roots back to 1974. Specialized founder Mike Sinyard sold his Volkswagen bus for £1,500 to fund a cycle tour of Europe. Along his journey, Sinyard became familiar with European parts manufacturers. When he returned to the states, Sinyard began importing handlebars and stems from Italian manufacturer Cinelli.

The storey of Specialized Bikes officially began in 1976, when Sinyard brought the first Specialized Touring Tyre to market. By 1981, Specialized had three complete bikes in production: the Sequoia and Allez were road-going models, while the Specialized Stumpjumper was made specifically for off-road endeavours.

All three models remain in the Specialized Bikes lineup today. The Allez sees use in road races around the world, and the Stumpjumper, now available in hardtail and full-suspension models, has become legendary as one of the world’s first modern mountain bikes.

The Story Behind Specialized Bikes

Not far from Morgan Hill and Specialized headquarters is the hill that many have called “the birthplace of Mountain Biking.” Mount Tamalpais, located in Marin County, California, played regular host to a notorious gang of long-haired dust-covered young men that included Gary Fisher, Joe Breeze, Charley Kelly and Otis Guy. Known for taking regular street bikes and retrofitting them with larger tyres, different handlebars and more or less whatever proved useful in making the bikes handle Mt. Tam’s downhill singletrack, the denizens of Mt. “Tam” — as it was called for short — were fond of frames built by Tom Ritchey.

Ritchey was also behind the frames that Specialized used to deliver their first three production bikes. For the Stumpjumper, Sinyard outfitted a Ritchey-designed frame with modified BMX and motorcycle-derived handlebars. Some called the original bike a “Big Kid’s BMX”, but it became clear when the initial shipment of 125 complete bikes sold out in six days that there was nothing childish about it. Among those who took notice were the “Repack” riders who regularly raced at Mt. Tam. Many switched to this the first bike built specifically for riding trails.

That was 1981. Specialized hasn’t stopped building the Stumpjumper since, but the bike we have today is a fully modern machine available with carbon fibre construction, full suspension, hydraulic disc brakes and plenty other technological endowments. Beloved by trail riders around the world, the “Stumpy” has seen use on the professional racing circuit along with other Specialized mountain bikes such as the Enduro and Specialized’s flagship downhill racer, the Demo.

Modern Features of Today’s Specialized Bikes for Sale

In the decades since those first three models were introduced, Specialized bikes have undergone constant development. Today, Specialized is one of the three largest bicycle manufacturers in the world, and their team is still fueled by a passion for riding that compels them to explore innovative new technologies. “Innovate or die” has become the company creed, and you can see examples of this philosophy at work in the latest Specialized bikes for sale online.

Today, Specialized uses advanced techniques such as wind tunnel testing and computational fluid dynamics to design race-winning road bikes with the lowest possible coefficient of drag. The company’s FACT Carbon construction is optimised through a proprietary fabrication process during which specific resins are selected to match rider needs. Multiple monocoque structures are then combined during moulding to create the strongest frame possible.

Specialized mountain bikes feature FSR suspension that separates compression and braking forces to maximise traction and reduce rider fatigue. The same suspension designs you’ll find on modern Specialized production bikes has delivered riders to world championships in both cross-country and downhill racing disciplines. Specialized has even taken what they’ve learned from developing FSR and applied the same dynamics to their road bikes in the form of “smooth is fast” technology.

The newest addition to Specialized’s technological repertoire is SWAT, which stands for storage, water, air and tools. SWAT technologies include integrated chain tools that fit inside your bike’s steer tube, multi-tools that mount flush with the Specialized factory water bottle holster and integrated compartments to store tubes and supplies on carbon models. They give you the advantage you need to stay out longer and ride harder.

Benefits of Purchasing Specialized Bikes for Sale at BikeExchange

When you buy your Specialized bike from BikeExchange, you benefit from convenience. There’s no need to waste time and gas travelling from one bike store to another. You’ll also appreciate our:

• Low Specialized bike sale prices that help you save money.

• Flexible buying options.

• Comprehensive safety and privacy policy that enables you to buy Specialized bikes online with total peace of mind.

• Warranty protection and return policy that apply to all bikes purchased from our site.

More About Our Buying Options

Available buying methods can vary depending on the product or retailer. You can find the applicable buying options listed in each product description. These include:

• Click & Collect: Pay online and arrange to pick up your bike at the retail shop.

• In-Store: Call or email the store to make your own payment and collection arrangements.

Your One-Stop Resource for Anything That Has to Do With Bikes

Staying current with bikes and the sport of cycling is easy with the help of BikeExchange. Use our site as a comprehensive reference for the latest product and industry information, as well as your resource for useful training ideas, selling tips and more. You can also subscribe to our free e-newsletter to receive timely news delivered right to your inbox.

The Specialized Bikes Online at BikeExchange

At BikeExchange, you can find one of the best inventories of Specialized bikes for sale online. We carry a huge inventory of road and mountain bikes such as:

  • Allez
  • Roubaix
  • Stumpjumper
  • Enduro

If you’re more interested in using your bike to commute than for competition, take a look at some of our more urban offerings from Specialized:

  • Expedition Sport
  • Crosstrail

Take a look around and order the perfect bike for you today!

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