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Cruiser Bikes


Cruiser Bikes

Cruiser bikes are built for relaxed cycling enjoyment. They’re the sorts of bike you can cycle along a river path or city street at a leisurely pace, taking in everything around you. Style and comfort are therefore of paramount importance, while cycling speed and cutting-edge technology come lower down on the priority list. That doesn't mean you should compromise on quality when buying a cruiser bike.

Schwinn is widely considered as having introduced the world to cruiser bikes. This was in the 1930s when cars were becoming more popular, and bike sales were struggling. Schwinn's idea was to create a high quality, easy-riding bicycle which they marketed as a beach cruiser.

Today they’re still sometimes referred to as beach cruisers, lifestyle, and sometimes city bikes. They all have one thing in common - luxurious riding comfort.

What you need to know about cruiser bikes

Cruiser bikes are for casual riding. The design and the components all work to achieve that goal. The downside is that they are not fast bikes, and they are not designed for peddling efficiency when going up hills. The fact is there are lots of other bikes available for keeping fit or getting from A to B as fast as possible. Cruisers are about cycling that is more calm and relaxing.

Important facts about cruiser bikes

One of the main features of a cruiser bike is the upright riding position. On some models the handlebars are even swept back to keep the rider even more upright.

Cruiser bikes also have extra-comfortable seats with lots of cushioning. They usually have a low step-through for easy mounting, and mudguards to protect the rider's clothing - most people ride cruisers in everyday clothes rather than cycling gear.

Cruiser bikes typically have either one or three gears and big tyres. Some have rim brakes but it is also normal for cruiser bikes to have coaster brakes. In other words, you pedal backwards to stop.

Advantages of cruiser bikes

You should buy a cruiser bike if you want to cycle in comfort. They are about the pure enjoyment of cycling, whether that is going to the shops for milk and bread or the coffee shop for a cappuccino on Saturday morning on a route that takes you through your local park.

Choosing a cruiser bike

When you’re looking at a cruiser bike for sale, you should think about style. All the leading manufacturers offer a range of options and colours so that you can get a bike that suits your personality. Features such as the types of tyres, the number of gears, and the style of brakes can also be considered, but a cruiser is a bike you should love looking at as much as riding.

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