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Cube Electric & Power Assisted Bikes


Cube has developed a brilliant range of electric bikes, all designed to be multi-purpose and multi-functional. There are three distinct riding styles of the Cube electric bike range; electric hardtail mountain bikes, electric dual suspension mountain bikes and electric hybrid bikes. The electric hybrid bikes are skewed more towards everyday commuting, whilst some models still offer features that make them a quality touring bike. The electric mountain bikes offer a commuting aspect whilst also being great performance bikes for skilled mountain bike riders.

The Cube electric hardtail mountain bikes are a wide-spread hybrid style bike that offers both a performance as well a leisure and commuter bike. There are distinctive models in the range.

Cube Elite Hybrid C:62 Range

This range delivers a great multi-sport bike that comes with a high-grade carbon fibre frame built for performance.

Cube Elite Hybrid C:62 500 29

This is the superior model out of the range and is built with all high-end componentry, such as the revolutionary RockShox RS1 upside-down suspension forks. The frame was built around the Bosch drive, using a unique placement that reduces chain hitting, whilst the battery is protected with a cage that's mounted around it.

Cube Elite Hybrid C:62 500 SL 29

This is the following model, with slightly downgraded features, yet still offering premium componentry and a bike that is great for the trails. This bike’s a winner – literally! Its palmares include a Eurobike Gold Award and the Dot Design.

Cube Reaction Hybrid HPA Range

This range is all built from an aluminium superlight frame and complimented with engine and batteries. This is the premium version out of the range and comes with a 27.5 and 29er option making it suitable for any height. The Cube Reaction Hybrid HPA Race 500 and the Cube Reaction Hybrid HPA Race 400 are built using the same great components and frame, slightly being lower spec'd that the Cube Reaction Hybrid HPA SL 500 version. The Cube Reaction Hybrid HPA Pro 500 and Cube Reaction Hybrid HPA Pro 400 also share the same componentry and are great multi-purpose bikes.

Cube Access WLS Hybrid Range

This is the female counterpart to the Cube Reaction Hybrid HPA range. It provides similar great componentry and the use of the aluminium superlight frame, but also features slight alteration to cater to the female geometry. These models include the Cube Access WLS Hybrid SL 500, Cube Access WLS Hybrid Race 500, Cube Access WLS Hybrid Race 400, Cube Access WLS Hybrid Pro 500 and the Cube Access WLS Hybrid Pro 400.

Cube SUV Hybrid Range

This range offers a great commuter and leisure hardtails that are built to go fast. Each comprises an aluminium superlight frame, and there are three models from which to choose. The Cube SUV Hybrid 45 SL 500 29 is the superior model in the range; a well-balanced machine that clocks up to 45km per hour whilst still leaving the driver feel in control. The Cube SUV Hybrid Race 500 27.5 and the Cube SUV Hybrid Pro 500 27.5 share similar componentry and are the 27.5 wheel sized option. They share similar qualities in being light, fast and providing great control. The Cube Nutrail Hybrid 500 is the fatbike version of the electrical hardtail mountain bike range, giving the rider extra traction in the most difficult terrain such as snow, sand and gravel.

Cube Electric Dual Suspension Mountain Bikes

These are predominately focused around being great touring and all-mountain, multi-purpose bikes. There are five main models in this range.

Cube Stereo Hybrid 160 Range

This range is the enduro, all mountain and trail bike that is tough and built for harsh terrains.

Stereo Hybrid 160 HPA Action Team 500 27.5

This is the elite model out of the Stereo Hybrid 160 range. It has a premium Bosch motor, superior suspension and is labelled in their 'Action Team' range and colours to clearly outline that this is top of their class.

Cube Stereo Hybrid 160 HPA SL 500 27.5

This bike claims to be the most advanced hybrid ever developed, perfect for endure riding. It's complete with innovative technology to make it handle the harshest endure terrain imaginable.

Cube Stereo Hybrid 160 HPA Race 500 27.5

Complete with Cubes HPA Ultralight aluminium frame, along with a Bosch engine, this bike defies the laws between going up and downhill.

Stereo Hybrid 140 Range

This range of electric bikes has less of the endure characteristics and more ideally used for all mountain, trail and tour riding.

Cube Stereo Hybrid 140 HPA 500 27.5+

Is a great multi-purpose all mountain touring bike. The plus in the name outlines the wider tyres, which give a rider more comfort and grip whilst enduring the harshest of terrain.

Cube Stereo Hybrid 140 HPA SL 500 27.5

This is Cube's premium all mountain electric dual suspension mountain bike. It's been built with a number of innovative features to make it top of its class.

Cube Stereo Hybrid 140 HPA Race 500 27.5

This bike has been built to be a high performing electric mountain dual suspension bike. With innovative technology and high-end specs, it was born to be ridden on single track.

Cube Stereo Hybrid 140 HPA Pro 500 27.5 and the Cube Stereo Hybrid 140 HPA Pro 400 27.5 are one in the same. They are the most popular electric mountain dual suspension bikes in the range due to riding very similar to a traditional mountain dual suspension bike, with the added feature of the joys with climbing or descending the mountain.

Cube Stereo Hybrid 120 Range

This range offers a stronger grip and great suspension, resulting in a multi-purpose bike that's built for comfort.

Cube Stereo Hybrid 120 HPA SL 500

This is the premium model out the Cube Stereo Hybrid 120 range. It's a performance-built trail bike that provides a smooth ride on difficult terrain, but also is a fun leisurely bike.

Cube Stereo Hybrid 120 HPA Race 500

This is a strong and comfortable electric mountain dual suspension bike that can handle difficult terrain as well as being an ideal trail cruiser.

Cube Stereo Hybrid 120 HPA Pro 500 and the Cube Stereo Hybrid 120 HPA Pro 400

These are one in the same electric mountain dual suspension bike and their outlining features indicate a high-performing comfortable trail bike. Like all the other Cube Stereo Hybrid 120 models, they come with 120mm of suspension which is a main contributor in being such a comfortable bike over harsh terrain.

Sting WLS Hybrid 120 SL 500 27.5

The final model out of Cube's electric dual suspension mountain bike range is the Sting WLS Hybrid 120 SL 500 27.5 which offers a women's specific geometry. Like the Cube Stereo Hybrid 120 range, this bike is built to be a perfect tour and trails bike, offering brilliant comfort and high-performance.

Electric Trekking Range

The electric trekking bike range is just ideal as a commuter bike. There are a few models which offer a bit more in regards to being sporty and ideal for touring, but predominantly this range is focused towards being a great city bike.

Elly Cruise Hybrid

This range offers comfortable low-maintenance city bikes. There are two models, the Elly Cruise Hybrid 500 and the Elly Cruise Hybrid 400, both coming in two colour variations of silver or mint. The only difference between the two is the battery, the Elly Cruise Hybrid 500 uses the superior Bosch Power Pack 500 instead of the alternative Bosch Power Pack 400.

Elly Ride Hybrid

These bikes are a slightly sportier version than the Elly Cruise Hybrid. The pecs offer a comfortable and enjoyable ride for longer distances and the range comes in two models and colour variations (flash green and light blue). Similar to that of the Elly Cruise Hybrid, the only difference between the two models, Elly Ride Hybrid 500 & Elly Ride Hybrid 400, is the battery.

Delhi Hybrid

This is a great all-rounder. It's a low-maintenance bike that can be used as for touring as well as everyday riding and commuting. There are two main models that complete this range, the Delhi Hybrid SL 500 and the Delhi Hybrid Pro 500. Both are great high-end electric bikes with the same Superlite aluminium frame, the only slight differences is variations in components. Each model also offers different frame geometry such as a step-through frame option to cater to all commuter types.

Cube Travel Hybrid

As the name suggests, the Travel Hybrid offers a range of electric bikes that are comfortable, great for commuting, are low-maintenance. There are four models in the Cube Travel Hybrid range. The Cube Travel Hybrid Pro 500 and Cube Travel Hybrid Pro 400 come in two colours, grey/black and dark blue. The main difference between the two is the battery size, but both offer comfort, efficiency and ergonomics. The Cube Travel Hybrid RT assures all the same great features the come with the Cube Travel Hybrid range, but with additional back pedal brake for added safety and options. The Cube Travel Hybrid 500 and the Cube Travel Hybrid 400 are one of the same, essentially just providing difference in battery power. They are easy-to-use electric bikes and are the entry-level version into the Cube Travel Hybrid range.

Cube Touring Hybrid

This range provides reliable commuter bikes that can also be used for multi-day touring. The Cube Touring Hybrid Exc 500 and Cube Touring Hybrid Exc 400 are referred to as Cube's 'exclusive' range, using an award winning frame and exclusive componentry. The difference between the two is the batter size, the Cube Touring Hybrid Exc 500 being the higher storing battery option. They both offer three frame models such as the step-through frame, offering a suitable bike for any rider. The Cube Touring Hybrid Pro 500 and the Cube Touring Hybrid Pro 400 share the same similarities in regards to the versatility in frame options and the battery sizes. The main differences is that the Cube Touring Hybrid Pro range does not boast componentry that is as exclusive. However, it still provides premium specs that deliver a comfortable and reliable electric bike great for commuting or multiday riding. The Cube Cross Hybrid are suitable city commuting bikes, but are most suitable for long tour riding. There are two models in this range, they are slightly lighter bikes and offer better performing engines. The Cube Cross Hybrid Race Allroad 500 is the premium model out of the two, offering a superior engine, larger battery and better specs. The Cross Hybrid Pro 400 is a great pedal-assisted electric bike, perfect as a multi-purpose option for those who are wanting a leisurely bike that they can also use for multiday riding.

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