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Cube Full Suspension Mountain Bikes


When it comes to mountain bikes, Cube knows what is needed to create a champion. Cube offers a diverse range of full suspension mountain bikes to cater to numerous verticals of the sport. They have a specific range for cross country, tour or trail, all mountain, endure and gravity riding with each model tiered to cater to all skill sets.

Cube AMS 100 C:62

This bike is built to be lightweight and versatile, with bikes made to handle any condition. The three models in this range offer high-quality carbon fibre frames and are accompanied with 29-inch wheels to increase riding efficiency. The core use for the Cube AMS 100 C:62 is cross country and tour or trial riding.

Cube AMS 100 C:62 SLT 29

This bike is the elite version out of the cross country range. Cube's attention to detail is evident when looking further into what's gone into creating this bike. High-grade carbon fibre and suspension, lightweight, integrated cable routing along with top-of-the-line components and you've got all the bike you need.

Cube AMS 100 C:62 SL 29

This bike is a lightweight dual suspension mountain bike that's great for racing. But it’s versatile in that it’s both a great cross country and endure mountain bike.

Cube AMS 100 C:62 Race 29

This bike is the entry-level option to this elite range. It's a great multi-sport bike for cross country, touring or trail riding, and extremely reliable for the longest of rides.

Cube Stereo

This bike is the most diverse model out of the Cube dual suspension mountain bikes. The Stereo offers a selection of bikes in both a 29er and 27.5 wheel setup depending on what terrain your covering and the major use for the Stereo models are for tour, trail, all mountain and enduro.

Cube Stereo 120 HPC and Cube Stereo 120 HPA

These are great tour and trail riding bikes as well as for all mountain. They perform at their peak when used for marathon or single trail rides. The Cube Stereo 120 HPC models are built with a carbon main frame and aluminium rear, whilst the Cube Stereo 120 HPA models are built completely out of a high-tech aluminium.

Cube Stereo 120 HPC SL

This is the top-of-the-line model out of the Cube Stereo 120 HPC range and comes in both a 27.5 or 29er wheel option. It's lightweight, strong and easy-to-use making it an ideal bike for multi-day riding. The Cube Stereo 120 HPA SL is the top-of-the-range ultralight aluminium model and also comes in both a 27.5 or 29er wheel option. It offers great control and smooth riding during harsh terrain, making it a great multi-purposed dual suspension mountain bike.

Cube Stereo 120 HPC Race

This is fast and an ideal bike for endurance or single track riding. But to avoid pigeonholing this machine, it's comfortable set-up and great components make it a perfect all-rounder. The Cube Stereo 120 HPA Race is the aluminium counterpart and offers the same great ride as the carbon version, versatile and fast. Both models come in either a 27.5 or a 29er wheel setup.

Cube Stereo 120 HPA Pro

This is an all ultralight aluminium built frame that is complimented with either a 27.5 or 29er wheelset and great componentry. The Cube Stereo 120 HPA Pro is made to endure harsh terrain while remaining technically sound, so don't be afraid to thrash it.

Cube Stereo 140 and Cube Stereo 150

These are the most versatile of the Cube Stereo range. They cover most of your riding needs when it comes to all mountain, trail or enduro riding.

Cube Stereo 140 C:68 SLT 27.5

This is the elite all mountain multi-purpose dual suspension mountain bike. The high-end carbon frame and top of the line componentry allows this bike to deliver maximum performance. The Cube Stereo 140 C:68 SLT 29 is the 29er version, offering slightly different spec to balance with all the benefits that come with a 29er bike.

Cube Stereo 140 C:62 SL 27.5

This is a great alpine bike that delivers a lightweight carbon fibre frame and lightweight componentry. Like the rest of the Stereo 140 range, this is great all-rounder bike. The Cube Stereo 140 C:62 SL 29 is the 29er option and offers all the same great attributes, except only marginally heavier due to the larger wheels and geometry.

Cube Stereo 140 C:62 Race 27.5

This is the entry-level option to the elite carbon fibre Cube Stereo 140 range. The Cube Stereo 140 C:62 Race is the ideal option for the mountain bike rider that is looking to take that next step into mountain biking and needs an all-purpose multi-sport bike that is light and something they can grow into.

Cube Stereo 140 HPA SL 27.5

This is the primo out of the aluminium range. Its features include an ultralight aluminium frame, top-notch suspension and componentry with hydraulic disc brakes resulting in a great performing and superb handling all-mountain bike.

Cube Stereo 140 HPA Race 27.5

This uses the ultralight aluminium frame and is complimented with great componentry, making it fast, light and the ultimate all-rounder.

Cube Stereo 140 HPA Pro 27.5

This is the entry-level model out of the aluminium Cube Stereo 140 HPA range. If you're new to serious mountain biking and looking for a great all-rounder with quality handling, it's hard to look past.

Cube Stereo 150 HPA SL 27.5+

This offers all the same great qualities that the Cube Stereo 140 range delivers, but with the inclusion of three inch wide wheels giving the rider extra traction. A much-needed inclusion on those extra difficult trails.

Cube Stereo 150 HPA Race 27.5+

The inclusion of the extra wide three inch wheels for superior traction gives you more confidence whilst riding difficult trails. Combine this with the ultralight aluminium frame and superior componentry and you've got a great all-rounder.

Cube Stereo 160

This range is great all mountain and enduro bikes. They feature both a carbon fibre and aluminium range, which caters to riders of all levels.

Cube Stereo 160 C:68 Action Team 27.5

This is a leading bike in the enduro category. Its superior technology and features have resulted in it being labelled as one of the best enduro bikes of all time and a world-class enduro mountain bike winner.

Cube Stereo 160 C:62 SL 27.5

This is a lightweight versatile enduro mountain bike that uses high-grade carbon fibre for its frame and is complete with exclusive components to deliver a superb bike on expert trails.

Cube Stereo 160 C:62 Race 27.5

This is a brilliant enduro bike and multi-purpose attributes are shown when looking further into the detail of selected componentry. This is an ideal trail bike option.

Cube Stereo 160 HPA TM 27.5

This uses the ultralight aluminium frame which is light, strong and durable. The Cube Stereo 160 HPA TM 27.5 is complemented with upper-class suspension and componentry that produces precision steering and great pedalling efficiency.

Cube Stereo 160 HPA SL 27.5

This uses innovative technology along with the superior ultralight frame which results in a quality trail bike.

Cube Stereo 160 HPA Race 27.5

As a terrific all-rounder, this bike is hard to look past. The enduro bikes setup is sure to provide you with all the bike you need to enjoy everything and anything you throw at it.

Cube Fritzz 180 HPA

This range is gravity downhill focused whilst still ideal to tackle the enduro trails. They are great freeride bikes that offer terrific speed and superior suspension so that the rider feels in control on the most technical of trails.

Cube Fritzz 180 HPA SL 27.5

This is a combination of a great balanced suspension bike whilst you're shredding the downhill, but manages to maintain great pedalling efficiency whilst tackling the climbs.

Cube Fritzz 180 HPA Race 27.5

This is the lower-grade option when looking at the Cube Fritzz 180 HPA, but consists of the same great qualities of the Cube Fritzz 180 HPA SL 27.5. It's a quality enduro mountain bike that's as perfect for downhill riding as it is pedalling uphill.

Cube Two15 HPA

These are 27.5 inch dual suspension mountain bikes that are built for downhill riding. Their superior control and suspension make them the ideal bike for speeding down the most technical of tracks.

Cube Two15 HPA SL 27.5

This is lightweight downhill dual suspension mountain bike that is fast, easy to handle and offers superior suspension performance.

Cube Two15 HPA Race 27.5

This is built to handle fast, technical terrain. It offers a high grade ultralight aluminium frame and is a perfect bike for any serious downhill rider.

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