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Cube Hardtail Mountain Bikes


The technology and componentry invested in the Cube hardtail mountain bike range is complex and diverse. Each model in the Cube hardtail range has been carefully considered, with focus around the core disciplines that go into the sport of hardtail mountain biking - racing, endurance and touring. There is also a leisure offer in this category.

Cube Elite C:68 and Cube Elite C:62

Both these bikes are perfectly designed lightweight carbon fibre 29er bikes built for endurance and racing.

Cube Elite C:68 SLT 29

This is one of the lightest hardtail mountain bikes in the world. It's built from a high grade carbon fibre to improve stiffness, has superior shifting for complete riding efficiency and an agile ride geometry to increase comfort.

Cube Elite C:68 SL 29

This is the lightest out of the Cube Elite C:68 range, which is saying something when all of the models contend as the lightest hardtail mountain bikes on the market. It's fast, comfortable and easy to control.

Cube Elite C:68 Race

This bike is built from a light and strong carbon fibre frame, superior suspension and is combined with Shimano 2x11 XTR transmission making it ideal for any cross country or marathon race.

Cube Elite C:62 Race 29

This bike is designed for cross country or marathon riding. Its agile ride geometry and lightweight carbon fibre frame offer the right ingredients needed for those hours in the saddle.

Cube Elite C:62 Pro 29

This bike is a high end carbon hardtail mountain bike and offers versatility in being a complete marathon racing bike, whilst still being perfect for normal everyday alp riding.

Cube Reaction GTC

This range is the most versatile out of the Cube elite hardtail mountain bike category, offering components suitable for touring, endurance riding and racing, whilst still being ideal for the everyday active mountain bike rider.

The Cube Reaction GTC SLT

This bike is the superior model out of the Cube Reaction GTC range. It's been kitted out with the innovative upside down Rock Shox RS-1 suspension fork, improving rider efficiency and bump absorption. The frame is made out of a high-grade carbon fibre and has features such as a tapered head tube to improve steering efficiency and accuracy whilst not compromising the weight of the bike.

The Cube Reaction GTC SL

This bike comes in both a 27.5 and a 29er wheel option and is built out of a lightweight advanced carbon fibre frame with a tapered head tube to offer superior control without compromising weight.

Cube Reaction GTC Race

This bike is a fast multi-purpose hardtail mountain bike that's light, fast and comes with a superior carbon fibre frame and componentry.

The Cube Reaction GTC Pro

This bike is built with high quality componentry and other technical features to ensure it's a light and comfortable ride whilst shredding the trails.

Cube Reaction GTC

This bike is the entry-level model to the Cube Reaction GTC range and is the perfect option for any serious rider looking to make that next step into mountain bike riding.

Cube Cube Reaction HPA

This range is built from a high-grade aluminium frame and bikes within it are most ideal for tour and endurance riding.

Cube Reaction HPA SL

This bike offers a mix between being a great performance bike for social mountain biking as well as being a solid cross country racing bike. Nothing has been sacrificed in terms of high-end componentry and superior design to ensure any rider gets the output their looking for a multi-day mountain bike.

Cube Reaction HPA Pro

This bike offers superior precision when it comes to handling, along with a lightweight aluminium frame and the option of a 27.5 or 29er wheel setup.

Cube LTD

This range is your perfect tour and trail hardtail mountain bike. The three models in the Cube LTD range give the opportunity for riders at different skill sets to choose the right bike for them and enjoy everything these bikes have to offer.


This bike uses a light and stiff aluminium frame that's durable and compliments all-round control. The Cube LTD SL features integrated caballing which reduces weight, provides a longer-life due to lack of corrosion and is a much cleaner look.

The Cube LTD Race

This bike is a well-built hardtail mountain bike that is complimented with premium componentry and features hydraulic disc brakes for extra control.

Cube LTD Pro

This bike is a great all-round hardtail mountain bike and a perfect option for any mountain bike rider that's looking for a high-grade aluminium frame complimented by quality componentry and is a bike they can improve and grow into.

Cube Leisure Hardtail Mountain Bikes

Cube offers a great versatile range in their leisure style hardtail mountain bikes with five main models to choose from.

Cube Acid

This bike is a great leisure hardtail mountain bike, whilst still complete with all the right features to tackle hard trails. It's built from a high quality aluminium frame and features internal cabling to reduce weight and provide extra security around wear and tear.

Cube Attention

This bike is a great entry-level hardtail mountain bike that comes with internal cable routing, 30 gears to help with longer rides and a 27.5 and 29er version to provide the perfect fit for all riders. The Cube Attention SL is a versatile hardtail mountain bike and is an upgraded version to the Cube Attention.

Cube Analog

This bike comes with an ergonomic design making it a perfect option for either short or long rides. The Cube Analog is a great option for any new hardtail mountain bike rider that wants a bike they can learn and grow into.

Cube Aim

This bike offers a diverse range with the Cube Aim Pro, Cube Aim SL and Cube Aim Allroad 27.5 hardtail mountain bikes. The Cube Aim Pro offers great ride quality and comes in two colour options, making it an ideal everyday hardtail mountain bike. The Cube Aim SL is a slight upgrade to the Cube Aim Pro and comes with high-grade lightweight chassis. The Cube Aim Allroad 27.5 is the most versatile out of the Cube Aim range, offering a bike that's suitable for almost any leisurely occasion.

Cube Race One

This bike is built with a superior aluminium frame, internal cable routing and a tapered headtube resulting in a strong, lightweight and easy-to-control hardtail mountain bike.

Cube Nutrail (Fatbikes)

This bike is your hardworking hardtail mountain bike, also known as Fatbikes, that's built to go where others cannot. Sand, snow or gravel, this hardtail mountain bike will get you to where you need to go no matter what falls in your way.

Cube Nutrail Race

This bike uses extra wide tyres to give the rider more grip on the harshest of terrain. Don't let the all-round size foul you, the Cube Nutrail Race although large still remains relatively light.

Cube Nutrail Pro

This bike is another addition to the Fatbike family that is built to keep you in control on the snowiest of days or driest of gravel.

Cube Nutrail

This bike is the basic version of the Cube Nutrail range as is your ideal option if you've never had the pleasure in riding a Fatbike.