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Boardman Mountain Bikes


Boardman Bikes offer two styles of mountain bikes, hard tail mountain bikes and dual suspension mountain bikes. The hard tail mountain bikes are designed for endurance and leisure riding, whilst the dual suspension mountain bikes offer more suspension and support to suit harsher terrain and trail riding.

Boardman HT range are hard tail mountain bikes and suit novice riders looking to get involved into the sport of mountain biking. There are three models in this range.

Boardman MTB Pro 29ER

This is the premium offering out of the Boardman HT range and is built with a strong alloy frame and RockShox Reba suspension forks.

Boardman MTB Team 29ER

This bike offers a very smooth ride with its carefully picked suspension fork. It is mounted on a 29 inch wheelset to offer the rider efficient rolling performance.

Boardman MTB Comp 27.5

The only 27.5 inch wheelset in the Boardman HT mountain bike range, the Boardman MTB Comp 27.5 is the entry-level model and is ideal for any rider looking for an everyday dependable mountain bike.

Boardman FS stands for Boardman Full Suspension, meaning that unlike the Boardman HT range the Boardman FS range provides additional suspension to cater to harsher terrain. There are two models that complete the Boardman FS range and they include:

Boardman MTB Pro FS - 27.5

This is the elite model out of the Boardman FS range, offering superior suspension and handling to suit riders looking to take things to the next level with trail and endure riding.

Boardman MTB Team FS - 27.5

This is the entry-level option to the Boardman FS range. That said it still delivers great handling and comfort for tough terrain.

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