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Haro Mountain Bikes

Like it's BMX counterpart, the mountain bike range from Haro has always been designed with innovation and performance in mind. Haro mountain bikes have even been ridden to victory in both national and world championship events. So what is it like riding a Haro mountain bike?

With a variety of choices, there’s a Haro mountain bike for every type and style of riding. Whether you’re hitting the trails for the first time or you’re a seasoned pro looking for a new bike to complement your skills on the trails, Haro has a mountain bike to meet your needs.

Full Suspension vs Hardtail

Making the choice between a hardtail or full-suspension mountain bike often comes down to the type of riding you plan to do, and what handling characteristics you expect out of your machine.

Hardtail mountain bikes, or bikes with no rear suspension, are pedalling machines. Hartails are designed to be light and efficient in delivering the power of each pedal stroke directly to the ground without the interruption of a rear shock. They are the bike of choice for many cross country riders and those who love the challenge of a tough climb. On the flip-side, a hardtail provides a considerably less comfortable ride when pedalling over chunky, rocky terrain or downhill runs. The hardtail category from Haro includes the FLC, Double Peak, Calavera, Subvert, & Steel Reserve.

Unlike hardtails, full suspension bikes excel on downhill courses in their ability to move smoothly over tough terrain while the rear shock soaks up much of the harshness. Full Suspension bikes are generally considered heavier than their hardtail cousins, as well as less efficient at climbing. However, many modern full suspension bikes allow you to adjust both the front and rear suspension for a stiffer and more efficient feel on climbs. The Shift series from Haro features both front and rear suspension suitable for the roughest terrain.

Choosing a Wheel Size

These days you’ll hear a lot of talk about 29ers, 27.5 and 26 inch wheels. What’s the difference, and why should you choose one over the other?

29ers, or bikes sporting 29" wheels, are known for their ability to roll over obstacles and technical terrain with ease. For this reason, many riders have adopted the 29” wheel because these bikes give a cushier ride and can tackle technical terrain with relative ease. Haro's lineup of 29" mountain bikes include the FLC 29 & Double Peak 29.

If you're looking for agility, models with a traditional 26” wheelbase will give you a tighter turning radius ideal for switchbacks and tight sections. Haro's 26" mountain bikes include the Flightline and Steel Reserve.

Recently the mountain bike community has started to embrace the 27.5” wheel, a middle-of-the-road option which is said to provide the agility of a 26" wheel coupled with the technical chops of a 29er. The Subvert, Calavera, and Shift models from Haro round out their 27.5" mountain bike range.

Get Tips and Advice

For help selecting your next Haro mountain bike, look for the Contact form next to any of the listings you see on the site to get advice from experts at your local independent bike shops or visit our Everything Bike Blog for bike advice and more.

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