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Nutrition for Cycling


Gone are the days when Tour de France cyclists would have a cigarette or (more than) a glass of red wine to supposedly help get them through the grind. These days our knowledge of nutrition is so advanced, and the science behind their development equally so, that nutrition has become a very considered part of bike riding.

Even if you’re just doing some casual riding or regular small commuting, chances are you would benefit from nutrition specific to that recreation. If however, you take your bike riding seriously, then nutrition can absolutely be the difference between success or failure.

Nutrition on the bike

When it comes to nutrition for cyclists most riders are going to be interested in knowing what products before, during and/or after riding can do to their performance.

It’s really important to remember that the nutritional needs of a track cyclist will be vastly different to those of say a mountain climber, or a sportive rider. It is important to seek expert advice when it comes to nutrition, rather than trying to apply a broadbrush to your specific needs. Literally every body is different!

Nutrition for strength and wellbeing

These nutrition products are usually taken on an ongoing basis to help maintain good health and/ or to assist in strengthening the body.

Endurance nutrition

These nutrition products are usually taken before or after an activity to assist the body in maintaining and sustaining the performance required.

Performance nutrition

These nutrition products are taken during an activity. They could be focused on boosting and/or maintaining energy, concentration and/or alertness.

Recovery nutrition

These nutrition products are taken after an activity and are designed to help your body better recover from the exertion. They will likely help restore energy and/or minimise muscle damage.

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