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Cube Road Bikes


Cube is a major brand worldwide and their range of bikes exemplifies this. With a bike that's suitable for any category or any level of road rider, Cube road bikes can also be found at pro events on the world stage. The Cube road bike range focuses on three main areas, comfort, endurance, and race.

Cube Race/ Endurance Road

There are two model series which cover the race/endurance road category, both of which are built for the top-end serious cyclist.

Litening C:68 Series

This is the bike for the absolute professionals and consists of three models, the SLT, SL and Race. The Litening C:68 SLT is Cube's the top of the line road bike, using the most advanced carbon fibre available. The Litening C:68 SL is the replica Team Wanty bike and is renowned for its ability for climbing. This super light bike comes fully spec'd with Shimano Dura Ace Di2 and top of the line wheelset. The Litening C:68 Race is summed up as the perfect bike for an aspiring professional. It's super lightweight and built for speed.

Litening C:62 Series

This bike offers a lightweight high-quality carbon road option that's top-of-the-line and suitable for any serious rider. The bike is designed to be taken through the harshest conditions and come out on top, providing the speed when needed. There is an upgraded version, the Litening C:62 Pro, which offers a higher grade of carbon and upgrade of components to give the rider that extra bit of a competitive edge.

Agree C:62 Series

The most all-encompassing Cube road bike, the Agree C:62 range offers maximum aerodynamics and is built for racing. Agree C:62 SLT Disc is the top-of-the-line out of the Agree C:62 range. The Disc stands for disc brakes, which give the rider complete control when taking this racing machine to the max.

The Agree C:62 SL is a fully spec'd high-end road bike, which transfers power superbly to the pedals so that no energy is compromised, giving you a perfect climbing machine.

The Agree C:62 Race Disc is your perfect all-round endurance road bike. Its lightweight high-quality carbon frame, complemented with superb componentry enables the rider to climb fast and efficiently, whilst disc brakes gives confidence at high speeds or descending.

The Agree C:62 Pro is a fast endurance race bike with great handling that offers efficient power distribution while remaining a comfortable ride. Agree C:62 Disc is the entry-level road bike to this thoroughbred of race bikes. It's fast and light, but gives the rider more control through its disc brake feature.

Attain GTC and Attain HPA Series

There are two series that fall into the comfort and endurance category, the Attain GTC and the Attain HPA. Both offer a range which is perfectly suited for tour riding. Comfortable ergonomic builds allow the riders to remain in the saddle for hours, whilst still remaining a fast competitive racing bike.

The Attain GTC is the carbon fibre range and offers the most in both comfort and endurance out of the two model series.Attain GTC SL Disc has it all when looking at the Attain GTC range. It's light, extremely comfortable and features disc brakes giving the rider complete control when attacking on a climb or descending down the hills.

Attain GTC Race is the perfect endurance race bike. Using high-tech carbon fibre and quality componentry the Attain GTC Race is the ideal option for racing long distances.

Attain GTC Pro Disc is an extremely fast endurance race bike, complemented with a high-tech carbon fibre frame and disc brakes. Attain GTC is the standard version of the range, offering all the same key qualities of being a light, fast, comfortable endurance race bike.

The Attain HPA is built from high-quality aluminium and is the more affordable road bike from the comfort and endurance series.

The Attain HPA SL Disc is the top-of-the-range out of the Attain HPA models. Offering a fast and comfortable road bike that's featured with disc brakes, the Attain HPA SL Disc gives you all the control you need during those long rides and fast breaks.

The Attain HPA SL is the lightweight of the group as well as being extremely well-rounded. It's ergonomic build and lightweight features give a racer the opportunity to take the lead on long rides.

Attain HPA Race has what it takes to be raced while staying an extremely comfortable ride when spending hours in the saddle. It's a great training bike as well as a competition road bike.

Attain HPA Pro is a versatile road bike that is suited for a beginner as well as an experience rider. It's great handling and ergonomic build gives you a terrific bike to grow into.

Attain HPA is the entry model to the Attain HPA range. Offering comfort, speed and a selection of solid components, this road bike is perfect for your entry-level rider.

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