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Cube Triathlon & Time Trial Bikes


Cube's focus towards its triathlon series has been based around two key components; the Aerium C:62 and Aerium HPA.

Cube Aerium C:62

The Aerium C:62 is a carbon fibre range built for nothing but speed.

Cube Aerium HPA

There isa multisport option for the entry-level triathlete and is an aluminium build.

Cube Aerium C:62 SLT

The Aerium C:62 SLT is the premium model from the Cube triathlon range. Using high-grade carbon fibre, deep dish wheels and quality components, the Aerium C:62 SLT is built for speed.

Cube Aerium C:62 SL

The Aerium C:62 SL is for serious triathletes who value what goes into aerodynamics. It's fast, light and complimented with great components.

Cube Aerium C:62 Race

The Aerium C:62 Race is the entry-level to the carbon fibre range. Although this bike comes with lower specs, it still offers everything that a triathlete needs for an ideal competition bike. The Aerium C:62 Race is a great option for a triathlete who's looking for a bike to grow into.

Cube Aerium C:62 HPC

Built out of high-quality aluminium, the Aerium C:62 HPC is a perfect multisport bike. It 's a great option for triathlon racing and remains light and aerodynamic for time trialling.

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